Manifesting your Desired Results

Course Objectives / Learning Outcome:

In   this   workshop,   you will learn how   to   use  certain  proven scientific methods and apply the laws  of  manifesting to  successfully  materialize   whatever you  desire in  your professional  and personal life. You can use the  techniques to  manifest   more  success,  abundance,  happiness, a successful career, more clients,  a higher income,  more  sales,  more  profits  or any other goal (s) you may have.


  • Starting the manifesting journey
  • What is the “manifesting mindset” and how to develop it
  • Setting and clarifying your goals - Discovering what you really want to manifest
  • Understanding and applying the laws of manifesting
  • The manifesting formula
  • Setting up an action plan and taking the right actions
  • Breaking through resistance and overcoming blocks
  • Your manifesting toolbox to help you manifest easier and faster
  • The power of persistence and focus
  • Staying on the manifesting path to successfully manifest results at any time

Who should attend?

CEOs, Managers, Team Leaders, Executives, Employees

Workshop Duration:

6.5  Hours