Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Course Objectives / Learning Outcome:

In this advanced Emotional Intelligence workshop, participants will learn how to apply advanced techniques to significantly improve the 5 areas of Emotional Intelligence namely intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, general mood, stress management and adaptability. By mastering these emotional intelligence skills, they will be able to outperform and achieve excellence at work easier and faster.


  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Advanced strategies to excel with Emotional Intelligence
  • Advanced strategies to improve your Intrapersonal skills
  • Advanced strategies to improve your Interpersonal skills
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Strategies to maintain a positive mental attitude in all situations
  • strategies to become more flexible and adapt more easily to change
  • Becoming outstanding
  • Unlocking hidden potential
  • Staying motivated to excel at work

Who should attend?

CEOs, Managers, Team Leaders, Executives, Employees

Workshop Duration:

8 Hours